City of Hull Champagne League External Results
7 Jun 11
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
133:33   Matthew Hayes SBV35MEast Hull33:3331:140.4 
233:41   James Pearson SBV35MBeverley33:4133:093.3 
334:55   Stuart Spooner  V50MBridlington34:3634:3610.3 
435:17   Mark Dalton PBV45MBeverley35:1735:174.6 
535:32   Nigel Sisson PBV40MEast Hull35:3231:321.6 
635:42   Gavin Dalton PBV55MCity of Hull35:4235:4212.3 
735:45   Chris Adams PBSENMCity of Hull35:4535:456.6 
836:51   Darren Rodmell SBV35MBeverley36:5136:039.7 
936:59   James McGivern PBV45MBeverley36:5936:5913.8 
1037:10   Andrew Johnson SBV40MBeverley37:1036:336.3 
1137:16   Brian Ward SBV45MCity of Hull37:1637:135.6 
1237:33   Stewart Rhodes PBV45MCity of Hull37:3337:3327.6 
1337:33   Jim Rogers PBV45MCity of Hull/East Hull37:3334:173.2 
1437:45   Andrew Lawtey PBSENMCity of Hull37:4537:455.4 
1537:57   Tony Burgin SBV40MHull Springhead37:5735:053.6 
1638:12   David Bell PBSENMWhite City (Hull)38:1238:128.7 
1738:40   Paul Body SBV35MCity of Hull38:4037:168.2 
1838:42   Andrew Watson SBV45MEast Hull38:4235:548.3 
1938:43   Mark Spikings SBSENMCity of Hull38:4335:144.9 
2038:45   John Aitken PBV45MCity of Hull38:4538:4536.0 
2138:52   Paul D Clark PBV40MBeverley38:5238:528.9 
2238:53   James Abel PBV50MHull Springhead38:5338:079.8 
2339:24   Paul Frost SBV55MEast Hull39:2438:3116.0 
2439:28   Graham Wilkinson SBV55MEast Hull39:2837:509.2 
2539:35   Trevor Misson SBV50MCity of Hull39:3538:5027.7 
2639:50   Jason Purdon PBV35MCity of Hull39:5039:5013.6 
2739:54   Laura Andrew PBSENWCity of Hull39:5439:5436.0 
2840:02   Joseph Kirkup SBSENMEast Hull40:0233:4014.3 
2940:04   Steve Evins SBV40MBeverley40:0439:0410.6 
3040:07   Paul Andrews PBV45MEast Hull40:0740:0714.1 
3140:15   Stephen Willietts PBV45MBeverley40:1540:1536.0 
3240:22   Peter Stockdale PBV45MCity of Hull40:2240:2215.4 
3340:31   Charlotte Ward SBU20WCity of Hull40:3138:064.7 
3440:38   Nick Maynard SBV35MCity of Hull40:3836:545.0 
3540:50   Roy Steele PBV50MBeverley40:5040:5028.5 
3641:00   Paul Nippress SBV50MEast Hull41:0033:284.0 
3741:10   Luc Clayton PBSENMCity of Hull41:1041:1035.1 
3841:13   Alan Smith SBV40MWhite City (Hull)41:1335:115.3 
3941:13   Andrew Tate SBV45MBeverley41:1339:2010.2 
4041:13   Rebecca Fielding-Smith SBV40WCity of Hull41:1339:5027.8 
4141:29   Tim Runkee PBSENMWhite City (Hull)41:2941:2935.6 
4241:35   Ian McCoid SBV50MCity of Hull41:3539:517.2 
4341:40   Peter Watkinson SBV55MBeverley41:4041:1813.8 
4441:42   Alan Flint SBV60MBeverley41:4238:398.5 
4541:47   Robert Thompson PBV50MCity of Hull41:4741:4734.9 
4641:52   Amanda Dean SBV50WWest Hull41:5240:5512.4 
4742:00   Katie Dunn SBSENWCity of Hull42:0039:5821.7 
4842:12   Kevin Hayward PBV55MBeverley42:1242:1236.0 
4942:21   Cheryl Lyons PBV35WCity of Hull42:2142:2129.8 
5042:21   Pam Richards SBV35WCity of Hull42:2141:1931.0 
5142:30   Shane Nicholson PBV40MCity of Hull42:3042:3034.3 
5242:34   Stephen Coveney PBV55MCity of Hull42:3442:3414.2 
5343:00   Alexandra Campbell SBV35WHull Springhead43:0039:5726.2 
5443:18   John Parish PBV55MBeverley43:1843:1836.0 
5543:23   John Horncastle PBV35MHull Springhead43:2343:2314.2 
5643:39   Charlotte Parker SBU20WCity of Hull43:3941:2313.0 
5743:45   Roy Dennison PBV60MCity of Hull43:4543:4516.3 
5844:07   Ian Fergusson SBV40MCity of Hull44:0742:4914.5 
5944:14   Lucy Khan PBV40WCity of Hull44:1444:1416.3 
6044:20   Philip Dewberry SBV60MHull Springhead/City of Hull44:2040:3216.2 
6144:29   Neil May SBV50MBarracuda TC/City of Hull44:2939:1110.4 
6244:32   Andrew Brant PBV45MBeverley44:3244:3231.7 
6344:36   Graham Naylor SBV60MWhite City (Hull)44:3642:2110.3 
6444:36   Kristian Davis SBV40MBeverley44:3639:3136.0 
6544:53   Bill Grieve PBV50MBeverley44:5344:5332.1 
6644:57   Gordon Kitchen PBV60MBeverley44:5744:5734.2 
6745:03   Bernard Child PBV65MEast Hull45:0344:4212.6 
6845:04   Ian Tasker SBV40MWhite City (Hull)45:0442:4413.8 
6945:10   Christopher Porter PBSENMWhite City (Hull)45:1045:1036.0 
7045:21   Stuart Buchan SBV50MCity of Hull45:2138:1410.5 
7145:29   Kenneth Barnes PBV70MEast Hull45:2945:2927.1 
7245:33   Kevin Rennison SBV50MCity of Hull45:3344:5416.2 
7345:39   Kevin Luke PBV45MCity of Hull45:3945:3936.0 
7446:17   David Foster  V50MBridlington45:2343:3515.8 
7546:20   Lucy Stamford SBV35WBeverley46:2040:1311.4 
7646:24   Andrew Gray PBV35MBeverley46:2446:2417.5 
7746:29   Steve Arnold PBV55MBridlington46:2946:2927.1 
7846:50   Chris Chadwick PBV40MWhite City (Hull)46:5046:5036.0 
7946:54   Tania Cream PBV45WCity of Hull46:5446:5415.3 
8047:08   David Robinson PBV60MBeverley47:0847:0830.6 
8147:25   Tina Wardropper SBV45WBeverley47:2543:4327.6 
8247:45   Stephen Richmond  V55MEast Hull47:1645:5912.9 
8348:11   Tim Simpson SBV35MEast Hull48:1144:4421.1 
8448:27   Nabiel Khan SBV40MCity of Hull48:2745:5230.3 
8548:32   Angela Collins SBV45WBeverley48:3246:3327.7 
8648:35   Judith Lawtey PBV55WCity of Hull48:3548:3521.6 
8748:38   Andrew Grainger SBV45MBeverley48:3847:0115.4 
8848:48   Steven John Hadley SBV45MBeverley48:4847:3435.9 
8948:56   Stephen Brotherton  V40MBeverley48:1147:4918.4 
9049:29   Christine Parkinson PBV45WCity of Hull49:2949:2935.9 
9149:30   Andrew Clarke PBV45MWhite City (Hull)49:3049:3036.0 
9249:47   Steven Holmes SBV50MCity of Hull49:4749:2726.2 
9349:47   Steven M Dawson SBV50MWhite City (Hull)49:4747:4830.9 
9449:55   Andrew Meese PBV35MBeverley49:5549:5517.6 
9550:43   Colin Sleight PBV55MBeverley50:4350:4325.9 
9651:01   Peter Rolinson PBV55MBeverley51:0151:0136.0 
9751:19   Fiona Holland SBV40WBeverley51:1944:2214.9 
9851:23   Mark Harrison PBV40MCity of Hull51:2351:2336.0 
9951:43   Stuart Thomson SBV50MCity of Hull51:4346:4028.4 
10052:18   Sandra Holdsworth SBV50WWest Hull52:1850:4316.1 
10152:48   Eileen P Henderson SBV50WCity of Hull52:4849:2519.7 
10254:32   Kirstin Dale SENWGuest    
10354:37   Peter Storey PBV50MCity of Hull54:3754:3736.0 
10454:59   Sue Reast SBV45WCity of Hull54:5950:3120.2 
10555:25   Louise Warvill SBSENWWest Hull55:2549:3436.0 
10655:50   Frank Harrison PBV70MCity of Hull55:5054:5125.3 
10756:13   John Boardley SBV65MBeverley56:1356:0727.7 
10856:27   Pam Atkins SBV65WBeverley56:2753:5123.5 
10956:29   Peter McNally PBV65MBeverley56:2956:2935.8 
11057:16   Katie May PBV45WCity of Hull57:1657:1626.8 
11157:37   Julie Thomson SBV45WCity of Hull57:3756:1326.9 
11258:03   Rachael Benson SBV35WWhite City (Hull)58:0352:1722.8 
11359:58   Verity Pick SBSENWWest Hull59:5852:2326.9 
11460:05   David Annandale PBV50MEast Hull/City of Hull60:0560:0536.0 
11560:55   Richard Tomlinson PBV60MBeverley60:5560:5531.7 
11661:54   Catherine Rolinson PBV50WBeverley61:5461:5436.0 
11763:04   Mary Carrick SBV60WEast Hull/Beverley63:0461:5131.7 
11863:27   Kelly Jackson PBV35WBeverley63:2763:2736.0