City of Hull Champagne League External Results
Brantingham Chase
10 May 11
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:17   Matthew Hayes PBV35MEast Hull20:1720:170.8 
220:25   Andy Lyons PBV40MCity of Hull20:2520:2521.6 
321:04   Jim Rogers PBV45MCity of Hull/East Hull21:0421:043.1 
421:10   James Pearson PBV35MBeverley21:1020:153.5 
521:24   Stuart Spooner PBV50MBridlington21:2421:2412.0 
621:37   Nigel Sissons V40MEHH    
721:41   Mark Dalton PBV45MBeverley21:4121:415.4 
821:52   Gavin Dalton PBV55MCity of Hull21:5221:5214.1 
922:06   Darren Rodmell PBV35MBeverley22:0622:067.3 
1022:17   Brian Ward PBV45MCity of Hull22:1722:174.6 
1122:24   Melanie Hayward PBV35WBeverley22:2422:2436.0 
1222:37   Andrew Lawtey PBSENMCity of Hull22:3722:377.3 
1322:42   Stuart Buchan PBV50MCity of Hull22:4222:4211.9 
1422:55   James McGivern SBV45MBeverley22:5522:5415.6 
1523:00   Andrew Johnson PBV40MBeverley23:0023:007.0 
1623:01   Stewart Rhodes PBV45MCity of Hull23:0123:0129.5 
1723:05   Neil Bant PBV35MBeverley23:0523:0525.4 
1823:11   Andrew Watson PBV45MEast Hull23:1123:118.8 
1923:17   Daniel Barrass PBSENMHull Springhead23:1723:174.7 
2023:30   Paul D Clark PBV40MBeverley23:3023:309.6 
2123:33   Joseph Kirkup PBSENMEast Hull23:3321:2411.6 
2223:35   Paul Body PBV35MCity of Hull23:3523:359.5 
2323:40   Mark Spikings PBSENMCity of Hull23:4022:006.3 
2423:42   Gary Slater PBSENMCity of Hull23:4222:3923.4 
2523:44   James Abel PBV50MHull Springhead23:4423:318.5 
2623:53   Kristian Davis PBV40MBeverley23:5323:5336.0 
2723:55   Jason Purdon PBV35MCity of Hull23:5523:5515.5 
2824:04   John Aitken PBV45MCity of Hull24:0424:0436.0 
2924:10   Andrew Collinson PBV45MEast Hull24:1024:1033.8 
3024:11   Charlotte Ward PBU20WCity of Hull24:1124:112.4 
3124:17   Stephen Willietts PBV45MBeverley24:1724:1732.6 
3224:18   Paul Cartwright PBV50MHull Springhead24:1824:057.0 
3324:23   Steve Evins PBV40MBeverley24:2324:238.9 
3424:32   Andrew Hemmings PBSENMCity of Hull24:3223:473.8 
3524:37   Roy Steele PBV50MBeverley24:3724:3720.0 
3624:42   Stephen Coveney PBV55MCity of Hull24:4224:4215.5 
3724:46   Luc Clayton PBSENMCity of Hull24:4624:4635.5 
3824:51   Graham Wilkinson SBV55MEast Hull24:5124:2010.7 
3924:51   Paul Frost PBV55MEast Hull24:5124:4518.0 
4024:55   Tom McDonald V45MBRR    
4124:57   Andrew Tate PBV45MBeverley24:5724:579.0 
4224:59   Laura Andrew PBSENWCity of Hull24:5924:5936.0 
4325:10   Peter Stockdale PBV45MCity of Hull25:1025:1015.1 
4425:17   Paul Andrews PBV45MEast Hull25:1725:1715.3 
4525:19   David Bell  SENMWhite City (Hull)25:0724:599.4 
4625:29   Alan Smith PBV40MWhite City (Hull)25:2924:574.9 
4725:33   Nick Maynard PBV35MCity of Hull25:3324:065.6 
4825:40   Kevin Hayward PBV55MBeverley25:4025:4036.0 
4925:43   Niki Whitaker PBV35WCity of Hull25:4325:3911.2 
5025:46   Paul Nippress PBV45MEast Hull25:4623:495.2 
5125:47   Peter Watkinson SBV55MBeverley25:4725:3713.9 
5225:48   John Horncastle PBV35MHull Springhead25:4825:4811.5 
5325:54   Amanda Dean PBV50WWest Hull25:5425:3513.5 
5426:01   John Parish PBV55MBeverley26:0126:0136.0 
5526:02   Pam Richards PBV35WCity of Hull26:0226:0233.0 
5626:05   Alan Flint PBV60MBeverley26:0526:058.2 
5726:06   Katie Dunn PBSENWCity of Hull26:0625:4323.5 
5826:07   Robert Thompson PBV50MCity of Hull26:0726:0735.3 
5926:13   Richard Alsop PBV50MEast Hull26:1326:0213.1 
6026:25   John Nuttall PBV40MCity of Hull26:2526:2536.0 
6126:29   Alexandra Campbell PBV35WHull Springhead26:2925:0828.1 
6226:35   Tim Runkee PBSENMWhite City (Hull)26:3526:3536.0 
6326:44   Kevin Luke PBV45MCity of Hull26:4426:4436.0 
6426:45   Neil May PBV50MBarracuda TC/City of Hull26:4526:4511.8 
6526:58   Charlotte Parker PBU20WCity of Hull26:5826:5814.6 
6627:13   Cheryl Lyons PBV35WCity of Hull27:1327:1331.7 
6727:14   Chris Duffey PBV45MCity of Hull27:1427:1436.0 
6827:17   Andrew Brant PBV45MBeverley27:1727:1733.5 
6927:21   Bill Grieve PBV50MBeverley27:2127:2133.9 
7027:22   Philip Dewberry SBV60MHull Springhead/City of Hull27:2225:3415.0 
7127:24   Sarah Carpenter PBSENWCity of Hull27:2427:2436.0 
7227:33   Derek Ricketts PBV55MCity of Hull27:3327:3320.0 
7327:50   Bernard Child SBV65MEast Hull27:5026:5213.7 
7427:52   Christopher Porter PBSENMWhite City (Hull)27:5227:5236.0 
7527:56   Ian Tasker PBV35MWhite City (Hull)27:5627:2813.4 
7628:01   Shane Nicholson PBV40MCity of Hull28:0128:0135.8 
7728:15   Andrew Gray PBV35MBeverley28:1528:1517.1 
7828:27   Tony Payne PBV65MEast Hull28:2728:2717.5 
7928:31   Lynda Hields PBSENWWest Hull/City of Hull28:3128:0233.6 
8028:36   Gordon Kitchen PBV60MBeverley28:3628:3634.5 
8128:37   Graham Naylor PBV60MWhite City (Hull)28:3728:0910.6 
8228:45   Roy Dennison PBV60MCity of Hull28:4528:4517.6 
8328:56   Nabiel Khan PBV40MCity of Hull28:5628:5632.0 
8429:03   David Foster PBV50MBridlington29:0328:1917.0 
8529:06   Tim Simpson PBV35MEast Hull29:0626:4622.9 
8629:15   Stuart Thomson PBV50MCity of Hull29:1529:0530.3 
8729:25   David Robinson PBV60MBeverley29:2529:2524.4 
8829:32   Steven John Hadley PBV45MBeverley29:3229:0832.5 
8929:38   Chris Chadwick PBV40MWhite City (Hull)29:3829:3836.0 
9029:41   Kristina Rose PBSENWWhite City (Hull)29:4129:4122.3 
9129:42   Stephen Brotherton PBV40MBeverley29:4229:4219.8 
9229:43   Steve Arnold PBV55MBridlington29:4329:4329.1 
9329:47   Tania Cream PBV45WCity of Hull29:4729:4715.1 
9429:50   Judith Lawtey PBV55WCity of Hull29:5029:5023.4 
9530:11   Phil Slingsby  V40MHull Springhead29:5129:5136.0 
9630:35   Tina Wardropper  V45WBeverley29:0528:5629.4 
9730:40   Christine Parkinson PBV45WCity of Hull30:4030:4036.0 
9830:50   Steven Holmes PBV50MCity of Hull30:5030:4324.2 
9930:52   Andrew Clarke PBV45MWhite City (Hull)30:5230:5236.0 
10031:01   Chris Tute PBV45MCity of Hull31:0131:0136.0 
10131:04   Andrew Meese PBV35MBeverley31:0431:0419.0 
10231:10   Steven M Dawson PBV50MWhite City (Hull)31:1030:4931.3 
10331:41   Fiona Holland PBV40WBeverley31:4130:2816.2 
10431:56   Louise Warvill SENWWHL    
10532:05   Colin Sleight PBV55MBeverley32:0532:0521.2 
10632:16   Eileen P Henderson PBV50WCity of Hull32:1632:1620.9 
10732:44   Sandra Holdsworth PBV50WWest Hull32:4430:0714.5 
10832:48   Peter Rolinson PBV55MBeverley32:4832:4836.0 
10933:09   John Pawson PBV65MCity of Hull33:0933:0922.9 
11033:17   Pam Atkins SBV65WBeverley33:1732:4723.9 
11133:31   Peter Storey PBV50MCity of Hull33:3133:3136.0 
11233:33   Rebecca King PBSENWWest Hull33:3333:3327.9 
11333:37   Mike O'Brien PBV50MCity of Hull33:3730:5317.3 
11433:41   Sue Reast PBV45WCity of Hull33:4133:4121.0 
11534:19   Mark Harrison PBV40MCity of Hull34:1934:1936.0 
11634:27   John Boardley PBV65MBeverley34:2734:2729.0 
11734:40   Frank Harrison PBV70MCity of Hull34:4034:4025.7 
11834:46   Tony Burgin  V40MHull Springhead23:2522:324.1 
11935:05   Antonia Goodison  SENWWest Hull/City of Hull34:3030:5335.3 
12035:13   Kelly Jackson PBV35WBeverley35:1335:1336.0 
12135:17   Julie Thomson PBV45WCity of Hull35:1734:4728.2 
12235:21   Katie May PBV45WCity of Hull35:2135:2128.3 
12335:33   Peter McNally PBV65MBeverley35:3335:3336.0 
12435:56   Rachael Benson PBV35WWhite City (Hull)35:5635:5623.7 
12536:11   Jayne Nuttall PBV40WWest Hull36:1136:1136.0 
12638:30   David Annandale  V50MEast Hull/City of Hull36:3836:3836.0 
12739:13   Catherine Rolinson PBV50WBeverley39:1339:1336.0 
12839:36   Mary Carrick PBV60WEast Hull/Beverley39:3639:3631.6