Gransha 5K External Results
12 Mar 11
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC 
115:16Conor Bradley U23MCity of Derry14:3914:30-4.4
215:37Scott Rankin U23MFoyle Valley15:27 14:43-3.3
315:53Noel LoganSBSENMCity of Derry15:5315:260.4
416:28James Brown V35MCity of Derry16:1015:480.2
516:39Chris McGuinness SENMFoyle Valley16:34 15:34-1.0
616:55Paul McCaffertySBV40MCity of Derry16:5516:071.0
716:58Pius McIntyre SENMFoyle Valley/Ireland16:18 15:400.8
816:59Ryan SnodgrassPBSENMFoyle Valley16:5916:593.0
917:16Gerard Duddy V45MCity of Derry17:0516:554.4
1017:19Paul Toner  V35MLetterkenny AC    
1117:33Gavin Stephenson  SENMCoD    
1217:38Dermot Connolly V50MCity of Derry17:2617:266.9
1317:43Conor DohertyPBU17MCity of Derry17:2415:580.2
1417:44Chris Millar SENMSpringwell17:3117:318.3
1517:51Mark MullanPBSENMCity of Derry17:40 16:451.9
1617:55Philip DonaghyPBV40MCity of Derry17:5517:436.3
1718:00Martin G SheehanPBV45MCity of Derry18:0017:5812.6
1818:05Gerry O'Donnell  SENMCoD    
1918:07Cairan Graham  V35MFoyle Valley AC    
2018:12Peter Lilburn V55MCity of Derry17:5717:486.8
2118:14Jackie Doherty  V45MFoyle Valley AC    
2218:24Kieran Coyle  V35M    
2318:31Oran McBrideSBV40MCity of Derry18:3118:0311.3
2418:33Marty Dunleavy V40MFoyle Valley18:2318:177.7
2518:37Matthew DohertyPBU15MCity of Derry18:2118:122.0
2618:38Sammy McAnaney V55MCity of Derry18:0116:5410.4
2718:46Finbarr Gallagher  V45MInis Eoghain AC    
2819:26Theresa Doherty SENWInishowen/Ireland19:0618:469.1
2919:28Gerry LynchSBV65MCity of Derry19:2818:4826.0
3019:29Michael Edgar  SENMCoD    
3119:32John Edgar  SENMCoD    
3219:33John Deery  SENM    
3319:37Declan McCay  SENM    
3419:39Evelyn McGinleyPBV35WInishowen/Ireland19:3919:3916.6
3519:41Adam WilsonPBU17MFoyle Valley19:4119:4127.3
3619:43Declan Doherty U23MFoyle Valley18:3916:46.65.1
3719:44Rosie O'BrienPBV35WFoyle Valley/Ireland18:5818:5822.1
3819:48Declan Whorskey  SENMFoyle Valley AC    
3919:58Christy McMonagle V65MCity of Derry/Ireland19:4019:0111.9
4020:02Jackie McGinley V40WCity of Derry19:2419:128.3
4120:08Ryan Leonard SENMFoyle Valley19:4919:4910.8
4220:22Ryan Dillon  SENM    
4320:23Eugene Gallagher  SENM    
4420:25Catherine LaganPBSENWCity of Derry20:1220:1218.9
4520:31Packy DeehanPBV45MFoyle Valley20:3120:3112.0
4620:32Eddie Quigley SENMCity of Derry20:00 18:1614.8
4720:41Hanna ShieldsSBV45WCity of Derry20:4119:0911.0
4820:51Paul Bradly  V45MCoD    
4921:01Catherine WhoriskeyPBU20WCity of Derry19:0718:157.2
5021:14Emmett Dillon  SENMFoyle Valley AC    
5121:16Tony Edgar  V35M    
5221:19John Paul Doherty  SENM    
5322:05Ciara Fraser SENWCity of Derry21:0320:4413.3
5422:08Mark Mcclintock SENMFoyle Valley19:4519:1710.1
5522:09Trish McClintock SENWFoyle Valley21:27 21:0813.6
5623:03Karen Cuttliffe  V40WCoD    
5723:07Katrina Ruddy  V35W    
5823:08Michael Doherty V40MFoyle Valley21:5521:5524.7
5923:09Roisin LynchPBV60WCity of Derry22:3322:3317.4
6023:56Brian Mccay  SENM    
6124:09Terry O'Doherty  V40M    
6224:15Mary McDaid  SENWCoD    
6324:16Bridgeen Byrne V45WCity of Derry20:1619:5919.8
6424:30Linda HallPBV45WCity of Derry24:3024:3025.0
6525:22Damian McLaughlin  V40M