April Fool Races External Results
1 Apr 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:51   Rob Berry PBV35MSouthport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni/Liverpool H19:5119:519.7 
220:11   Rick Hayman  SENMSale Harriers Manchester19:5619:56  
321:16   Steven Wilkinson PBSENMSouthport Waterloo21:1621:168.3 
421:40   Jason Parker  SENMPreston21:0920:510.9 
521:51   Mike Weedall PBV50MWrexham/Welsh Masters/Vale Royal21:5121:5133.5 
122:18   Greg Callaghan  V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton21:5321:537.0 
222:37   Chris Pedder PBV50MMossley Hill/Newburgh/Northern Vets22:3722:378.5 
222:51   Steven Wrigley SBV40MSalford H22:5121:3036.0 
123:06   Richard Bowker  V45MSouthport Waterloo22:3222:3230.0 
124:01   Amanda Crook SBU23WSouthport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni24:0123:401.0 
124:03   Tony Hulme PBV55MWilmslow24:0324:0310.9 
225:06   Kirsty Longley SBSENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton25:0624:351.0 
125:07   Steve James PBV65MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Vets25:0725:0719.5 
325:15   Jane Saunders (Clarke) PBV35WWilmslow25:1525:1536.0 
425:42   Joanne Perry PBSENWLancaster & Morecambe25:4225:4236.0 
525:53   Sue Cooper SBV50WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Vets25:5325:3716.0 
626:43   Lauren Gora SBU23WLancaster & Morecambe26:4326:348.0 
727:15   Karen Rumsby V35Wunatt    
827:35   Vicci Hall SENWunatt    
927:46   Julia Shuker PBSENWSt. Helens Sutton27:4627:4612.6 
1027:54   Deb Farrington PBSENWUnattached27:5427:54  
328:01   Joanna Evans V35Wunatt    
128:12   Vicki Harvey PBV40WSouthport Waterloo28:1228:1232.9 
128:20   Mary Tavener PBV45WVale Royal28:2028:2012.9 
128:21   Anne Wallworth PBV50WRed Rose28:2128:2135.5 
128:52   Karen Faloon SBV55WSouthport Waterloo28:5228:0821.3 
228:52   Gen Williams PBV50WMossley Hill/Picton Sports Centre28:5228:5236.0 
330:07   Christine Perry PBV50WLancaster & Morecambe30:0730:0730.2 
135:14   Dorothy Fairhurst PBV65WSt. Helens Sutton35:1435:1427.1 
135:19   Geoff Perkins PBV80MNorthern Vets35:1935:1936.0