Brecon Lions 10 (inc East Wales Championships) External Results
1 Aug 10
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PosGunChipName AG ClubSBPBHC  
155:41 Phil Matthews SBSENMSwansea55:4151:30-2.4 
257:19 Martin Shaw SBV35MBrecon57:1957:142.7 
357:28 Austin Davies SBV45MBrecon57:2856:34-0.1 
758:41 Paul Talbot SBV40MNeath58:4156:524.4 
1059:29 Mark Palser PBSENMLes Croupiers/Marshall Milton Keynes59:2959:291.6 
1561:15 Matthew Wells PBSENMBrackla Harriers61:1556:175.3 
2364:44 Ron Morris SBV60MSan Domenico64:4459:049.0 
3065:49 Clare Phillips SBV40WPort Talbot65:4963:549.1 
3266:05 Marianne Gittoes PBSENWChepstow H65:2365:2336.0 
3566:44 Katie Beecher PBSENWLes Croupiers/Civil Service66:4466:446.1 
4267:53 Charlotte Wells SBSENWBrackla Harriers67:5366:5729.9 
4768:15 Gillian Davies PBV45WSwansea68:1568:1536.0 
6670:38 Paul Evans PBSENMBrecon70:3870:3812.9 
7371:44 Michael H Davies PBV60MLes Croupiers71:4471:4410.7 
8573:05 Caroline Jones SBV50WTaf Running & Orienteering (TROTS)73:0571:5414.2 
9874:32 Wendy Boon SBV50WCardiff/Les Croupiers74:3268:4931.1 
10675:3375:33Clive Denton  V40MRhondda Valley73:2573:2512.4 
11676:38 Sarah McCarthy PBV35WLes Croupiers76:3872:4510.7 
13177:50 Brenda Avery PBV55WChepstow H77:5077:5014.7 
 79:1579:15Lisa Cleary SBV45WPenarth & Dinas79:1573:3910.6 
16482:44 Bob Watson PBV40MFetch Everyone82:4482:4410.7 
 84:1584:15Richard Sharpe  V45MThorney83:5579:3115.4 
18584:55 Claire House SBV35WSan Domenico84:5580:4722.3 
21790:30 Clare Johnson  V65WLes Croupiers87:20 87:20 23.6