Summer League Series Regent's Park 10K External Results
London Regent's Park
25 Jul 10
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
133:42    Eric Vamben  V35MSerpentine/Mauritius33:0832:4126.2 
233:53    Barney Southin  V35MSerpentine33:3633:2314.6 
333:57    Nigel Rackham  V45MMetros33:3233:14-0.8 
434:10    Hugh Torry SBSENMSerpentine34:1031:46-1.5 
535:41    Mohammed Ismail  SENMEaling Southall & Middx/Serpentine34:5232:49-0.4 
636:00    Tim Taylor  SENMMornington Chasers34:5834:588.1 
1938:52    Teresa Gaillard de Laubenque PBV35WSerpentine/Dulwich38:3638:3621.1 
3441:25    Catherine Connell (was Higgs)  U23WSerpentine41:0738:523.7 
3641:31    Jennifer Bradley PBSENWSerpentine/Civil Service41:3141:318.3 
3741:32    Michael Stainton SBV45MSerpentine41:3236:5118.8 
4041:35    Amy Koerbel  V35WMornington Chasers41:0641:0620.8 
4642:16    Camilla Ray PBSENWMornington Chasers42:1642:169.0 
 43:2843:28   Richard Johnson PBSENMDulwich Park41:1638:5912.0 
6044:11    Andrea Sanders-Reece PBV50WMornington Chasers44:0243:3415.5 
 58:3058:30   Andrea Muller PBV45WDulwich Park58:3053:0618.3