Guernsey Liberation Day 7
Channel Islands
9 May 10
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
137:37   Stephen Dawes PBSENMGuernsey/Channel Islands37:3737:37-0.6 
240:00   Mark Mercier PBU23MChannel Islands40:0040:0036.0 
340:30   Tim Coates PBSENMChannel Islands40:3040:3012.9 
440:34   David Dyke PBV40MGuernsey40:3440:346.2 
541:16   Steve Bienvenu SBSENMGuernsey41:1640:320.9 
641:34   Paul Ingrouille PBV45MGuernsey41:3441:3418.1 
741:45   Martine Scholes PBV35WGuernsey/Channel Islands41:4541:4535.2 
1745:05   Nikki Neal SBV35WGuernsey/Belgrave45:0543:5711.0 
1846:22   Sarah Mercier PBU20WChannel Islands46:2246:222.2