Cotswold Challenge 35.2/Marathon External Results
Temple Guiting
21 Mar 10
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
13:52:16Grant Jeans SENMUnattached18.1 
23:53:48Brian Cole V35MCity of Stoke/Royal Navy31.2 
34:05:12Chris Finill V50MHarrow2.1 
44:10:51Richard Quennell V40MRugby & Northampton10.4 
54:35:06Tomohiko HojoSENMJapan  
64:39:50Dave Ross V40MCollingwood/Sutton Runners5.0 
74:44:01Izzy Cairns SENWHunters Bog Trotters13.4 
84:54:48James Price V55MLiverpool RC16.0 
94:58:00David Miles V45MNewburgh34.3 
105:05:27Stephen Price V50MLiverpool H36.0 
115:06:45Allan Rumbles V40MCollingwood33.7 
215:33:13Julie Warner V40WShelton6.8 
245:41:39Sarah Hutton SENWUnattached36.0