Christchurch Christmas 10K External Results
13 Dec 09
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
131:50   Steven Way PBV35MBournemouth31:5030:55-2.3 
231:50   Nathan Shrubb PBU23MMorpeth/Poole Runners31:5031:0811.5 
331:58   Jon Sharkey PBSENMBournemouth31:5831:581.8 
432:28   Ian Habgood PBSENMBournemouth32:2831:3219.7 
532:55   George Miller  SENMPoole Runners31:4131:4126.3 
633:05   Andy Clements  V50MPoole AC/Hamworthy32:5231:534.0 
733:45   Ian White SBV35MBournemouth33:4532:5912.0 
833:56   Lee Rodriguez SBV35MPoole Runners33:5630:2528.2 
934:14   Mark Hargreaves  V45MBournemouth34:0431:2312.7 
1034:18   Peter Rabjohns PBV35MPoole AC34:1834:185.1 
1134:26   Robert Standley SBV40MLittledown/Bournemouth34:2633:5836.0 
1235:02   Robin Copestick SBSENMBournemouth35:0232:3617.7 
1335:40   Simon Munro SBU23MBournemouth35:4033:477.2 
1435:52   Francis Handy  U23MNew Forest Runners/Birchfield H35:3834:361.2 
1535:57   Liz Yelling SBV35WBedford & County35:5732:556.9 
2237:06   Henry Szwinto  V50MNew Forest Runners35:4234:279.5 
2537:11   Franklyn Young PBV45MWinchester37:1137:114.1 
2637:14   Melissa Neal SBSENWMarch37:1436:238.3 
3037:47   Becky Griffith PBSENWPoole Runners/Royal Air Force37:4737:458.9 
3137:50   Martin Smith PBV50MUnattached37:5037:50  
3338:06   Malcolm Renyard  V60MHardley37:1137:0910.0 
3838:37   Howard Doe SBV55MNew Forest Runners38:3736:0110.9 
4338:58   Michael McCabe SBV55MNew Forest Runners38:5837:1619.2 
4939:15   Valeria Sesto  V35WNew Forest Runners/Argentina39:0536:464.0 
7140:10   Michael Robinson  V60MPortsmouth JC40:0138:5415.5 
7340:12   Janie Chapman  V40WBournemouth39:3339:3325.8 
7640:18   Roy Carr  V60MPoole AC39:1637:0815.5 
7940:23   Sally Gilbert SBV50WTeam Southampton40:2339:3921.3 
8140:24   Hannah Howard PBSENWEastleigh RC40:2437:241.9 
9040:38   John Hunt  V60MNew Forest Runners40:0139:1320.8 
9841:15   Anna Squires PBSENWHardley/Civil Service41:1541:15  
10941:50   Joy Wright PBSENWDorset Police Running & Athletics Section41:5040:278.0 
11942:42   Heather Khoshnevis  V45WLittledown42:3039:518.6 
18546:11   Matthew Cafferky  SENMNew Forest Runners45:2339:505.7 
24348:38   Sarah Barrett SBV60WPoole Runners48:3845:0018.2 
25549:03   Joan Royal SBV70WDorset Doddlers49:0347:4126.9 
31851:53   William Davies  V75MWinchester/Welsh Masters51:5146:1236.0 
32452:03   Jackie Jenkins  V65WNew Forest Runners50:3548:0516.4 
56480:23   Bruce Davidson SBV85MNew Forest Runners80:2364:5936.0