Champagne League Lockington MT 4.27M
21 Jul 09
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
123:59   Jim Rogers V45MEast Hull3.2 
224:00   Jonathan Leskiewicz V35MBeverley35.8 
324:05   Stephen Rennie V50MCity of Hull3.2 
424:42   Mark Dalton V45MBeverley5.8 
524:45   Keiron Blogg SENMCity of Hull36.0 
624:57   Peter Fielding-Smith V35MBeverley11.5 
2327:19   Laura Andrew SENWCity of Hull36.0 
2727:51   Nicola Moore V35WCity of Hull36.0 
3128:33   Amanda Dean V50WWest Hull14.2 
3428:56   Pam Richards V35WCity of Hull33.5