Littledown 5 External Results
13 Sep 09
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
125:08   Williard Chinhanhu  V35MPoole Runners/Zimbabwe24:3623:5434.0 
225:18   Steven Way PBV35MBournemouth25:1825:18-2.2 
325:36   George Miller  SENMPoole Runners25:2225:1927.0 
426:04   Nathan Shrubb SBU23MMorpeth/Poole Runners26:0425:3312.4 
526:20   Nigel Leighton SBSENMVOTwo TC26:2024:109.9 
626:24   Jon Sharkey PBSENMBournemouth26:2426:242.3 
727:51   Martin Lewis  SENMPoole Runners/Loughborough Students/Charnwood26:2326:213.1 
828:05   James Starling SBV40MTeam Southampton28:0523:4036.0 
1329:04   James Share PBU20MPoole Runners29:0426:56-1.5 
2530:39   John Cakebread SBV55MPoole Runners30:3930:1036.0 
3631:29   Becky Griffith PBSENWPoole Runners/Royal Air Force31:2930:369.3 
4232:04   Christine Thomas SBV45WPoole Runners32:0430:3135.3 
4432:14   Dave Cartwright SBV60MPoole Runners32:1029:197.1 
4632:19   Caroline Stanzel PBSENWPoole Runners32:1931:556.2 
4932:47   John Hunt  V60MNew Forest Runners32:1232:1221.4 
5233:11   Carley Rose  U23WCity of Norwich/Bournemouth Uni31:4531:4532.1 
6433:46   Vicky Bishop PBV45WLittledown33:4633:4629.0 
7134:21   Janice Guerrier SBV50WPoole Runners34:2132:2922.4 
8235:38   Caroline Horder PBV55WBournemouth Joggers35:3834:158.9 
9336:09   Rex Legge SBV70MPoole Runners36:0935:1736.0