Hull Champagne League
12 May 09
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
120:25   Stuart Carmichael V35MBeverley/City of Hull/Kingston upon Hull-0.4 
221:24   Jim Rogers V40MEast Hull3.2 
321:30   Stephen Rennie V50MCity of Hull3.3 
421:32   Jonathan Leskiewicz SENMBeverley34.0 
522:09   Christopher Hodgson V45MEast Hull8.3 
622:19   Peter Caldicott V40MCity of Hull/Barracuda TC  
822:44   Tony Burgin V40MWhite City (Hull)3.6 
1022:56   Mark Dalton V45MBeverley4.6 
1123:12   Stuart Buchan V45MCity of Hull10.5 
1323:15   Jonathon Sage V45MIlkley/Beverley  
2724:29   Paul Cartwright V50MHull Springhead6.4 
3224:42   Becky SmithV35WCoH  
3725:25   Philip Dewberry V60MHull Springhead/City of Hull16.2 
3825:31   Amanda Dean V50WWest Hull12.4 
3925:36   Nicola Moore V35WCity of Hull36.0 
5226:53   Judith Battersby V45WBeverley