Poole Summer Series 3.5
29 May 09
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
118:18   George Miller SENMPoole Runners27.0 
218:34   Jack Partridge U17MPoole Runners18.9 
318:49   Mike Grist V45MPoole Runners5.5 
419:22   Martin Lewis SENMPoole Runners/Loughborough Students/Charnwood3.1 
519:23   Williard Chinhanhu V35MPoole Runners/Zimbabwe34.0 
620:03   John Towner SENMPoole Runners2.3 
720:06   Paul Green U17MPoole Runners/Bournemouth15.8 
820:18   Ian White V35MBournemouth11.9 
920:22   David Jones SENMPoole AC1.9 
1020:29   Nigel Rogerson V35MLytchett Manor3.8 
1120:30   James Baulch SENMPoole Runners36.0 
1220:34   James Share U17MPoole Runners-1.5 
1520:46   James Aylmore V45MPoole Runners14.5 
1821:05   Gavin Clegg V50MPoole Runners16.4 
1921:08   Mike Best V50MPoole Runners20.3 
2021:17   Simon Hunt V55MBournemouth7.3 
4122:36   Johny Rokstar V65MUnattached  
4222:41   Robert Burns V60MLytchett Manor14.3 
4522:54   Caroline Stanzel SENWPoole Runners6.2 
5523:42   Verity Ockenden U20WPoole Runners-1.0 
6824:38   Lorna Haines V45WPurbeck14.3 
8625:51   Helen Ambrosen V50WPoole Runners17.7 
8825:58   Rex Legge V70MPoole Runners36.0 
12228:03   Linda Dominey V55WPoole Runners29.0 
14229:23   Joan Royal V70WDorset Doddlers27.1