Poole Summer Series 3.5
7 Aug 09
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
14:33Stanley ParkerU13MPoole Runners21.8 
24:44Ben WilsonU13MPoole Runners4.1 
34:44Andrew SmithU13MPoole Runners-2.8 
44:44Tom EastU13MPoole Runners2.8 
54:45Declan TothU13MBournemouth2.0 
64:55Reid MarshU15MPoole Runners31.2 
135:26Rachel BrentonU15WPoole Runners21.2 
145:30Alex PhillipsU13WPoole Runners8.7 
155:35Nicole SainiU13WPoole Runners16.1 
165:37Verity HayterU13WPoole Runners27.0