Shinfield 10K External Results
4 May 09

We have received numerous reports from runners in this race that the race was short so have decided to remove from the rankings. We cannot trace a measurement certificate for it.
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
132:22   Chris Dettmar PBV35MHeadington33:1232:46-0.3 
232:48   Keith Russell PBSENMReading RR/Ireland34:5933:11-0.7 
332:50   Chris Green PBU20MReading RR/Cardiff Uni 34:5434.2 
432:57   Trevor Hunter PBV35MHandy Cross/Harrow34:3733:184.4 
533:03   Darren McNeely PBSENMSerpentine/Finn Valley, IRL33:3433:044.7 
633:31   Graham Robinson  SENMGarden City Runners/Sandhurst33:1833:04-0.6 
734:29   Julian Sherman PBV35MReading RR34:5934:596.8 
834:42   Chris Payne  V35MReading RR35:2934:1832.1 
934:54   Josh Dooley  SENMWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow    
1035:00   Tyrone Berg  V35MLondon Heathside34:2332:5928.2 
1135:15   Peter Crisp PBU23MReading RR/Police35:5633:502.0 
1235:31   Wayne Lillis  V40MNewbury36:1634:483.3 
1335:35   Toby Laver  SENMReading RR/Reading AC/Forres/Trentham 34:104.0 
1435:47   Mark Fallowfield-Smith  SENMSandhurst 35:533.8 
1736:18   Samantha Amend PBSENWHandy Cross36:3935:273.5 
1936:22   Jessica MacRory PBSENWWinchester36:2436:2436.0 
3237:40   Jackie Perrin PBV40WReading RR/Woodstock38:2838:0710.0 
4339:02   Carol Yarrow  V35WFinch Coasters 41:3118.9 
4639:13   Penny Clayton PBSENWMaidenhead42:1039:46  
5440:12   Jane Davies SBV50WReading Joggers39:4239:428.5 
7241:37   Belinda Tull  V35WReading RR41:2038:179.7 
7341:42   Patricia Thomas  V40WEaling Southall & Middx41:3641:3311.7 
7741:57   Ray Bowden PBV60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants43:1642:5536.0 
8042:13   Zoe Grove  V40WReading RR/Bracknell Forest42:4142:1227.4 
8542:39   Kelly Sheridan  SENWUnattached    
11943:55   Roy MacNeil SBV65MReading RR44:2840:0336.0 
13344:19   Heather Bowley  V55WReading RR 55:0822.2