Corfe Mullen Carnival 5K
Corfe Mullen
9 Jun 09
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:59   Nathan Shrubb PBU23MMorpeth/Poole Runners14:5914:5910.5 
215:27   George Miller SBSENMPoole Runners15:2715:1825.3 
315:52   Mike Grist SBV45MPoole Runners15:5215:104.6 
416:11   Rob Ineson PBU17MPoole Runners16:1116:1111.3 
516:16   Leif Chandler PBU17MPoole Runners16:1616:1613.4 
616:22   James Share PBU17MPoole Runners16:2215:500.4 
716:31   Alex Sampson PBU17MPoole AC/Team Dorset16:3116:3129.8 
816:43   Paul Green PBU17MPoole Runners/Bournemouth16:4316:4314.0 
916:51   Peter Rabjohns PBV35MPoole AC16:5116:514.7 
1016:54   Benedict Westhenry SBU15MWeymouth/Team Dorset16:5414:36-1.6 
1117:11   Ian Todd SBV40MPoole AC17:1117:10  
1217:21   Jerry Shield PBV40MWimborne17:2117:214.6 
1617:56   James Aylmore SBV50MPoole Runners17:5616:3913.0 
2218:27   Verity Ockenden PBU20WPoole Runners18:2716:53-1.2 
4520:09   Ellie Hilborne PBU15WPoole Runners20:0920:0917.2 
5120:18   Alwyn Dominey PBV60MPoole Runners20:1820:1814.6 
5320:25   Lorna Haines PBV45WPurbeck20:2520:2517.4 
14124:44   Linda Dominey  V55WPoole Runners23:5523:0727.2