CC6 League External Results
Stoney Cross
22 Jan 17
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Jim Davies SENMSouthampton/Southampton0.6 
10NT   Steve Wallington V55MTotton11.3 
11NT   Harrison Real SENMTotton13.6 
12NT   Kevin Martin SENMHedge End3.1 
13NT   Andy Chase V45MNew Forest Runners3.9 
14NT   James Fanning SENMLordshill3.3 
15NT   Stuart Wigginton V35MNetley Abbey5.4 
16NT   Simon Hall SENMTotton5.2 
17NT   Stephen BubbSENMLordshill   
18NT   Rich McAleer SENMEastleigh RC0.9 
19NT   Dan LathamSENMHardley  
2NT   Ashley Forbes SENMSouthampton0.7 
20NT   Richard KnottV40MNew Forest  
21NT   Paul Bullen V35MTotton6.8 
22NT   Daniel Foster V35MStubbington Green3.5 
23NT   Tony Rickman V40MLordshill4.9 
24NT   Michael Mcmahon V45MLordshill4.6 
25NT   Colin Mcmanus V35MWinchester6.2 
26NT   Steve Oliver V55MWinchester5.2 
27NT   Matt Tanner V45MHardley5.3 
28NT   Nicholas Griffiths SENMLordshill8.4 
29NT   Jon Ward V40MSouthampton/Unattached9.3 
3NT   Robert Finch SENMSouthampton1.2 
30NT   Jeff Scarle V35MLordshill5.8 
31NT   Dan Marshall SENMNetley Abbey7.5 
32NT   Dimitri Elenis V40MNew Forest Runners9.0 
33NT   Mark Darcy V40MHardley29.0 
34NT   Mike ReadSENMTotton  
35NT   Andrew James Robinson V35MWinchester8.6 
36NT   Justin Bowen V40MHardley13.2 
37NT   Jonathan Marsden V40MTotton9.8 
38NT   Simon Ibbotson SENMHardley7.2 
39NT   Howard Jarrett SENMLordshill13.3 
4NT   Andrew Simpson V40MStubbington Green0.6 
40NT   Paul Blundell V50MHardley9.1 
41NT   Rod Harnett V45MNew Forest Runners6.9 
42NT   Matthew Lovesey SENMLordshill5.7 
43NT   Michael Snowden V45MEastleigh RC10.1 
44NT   Ben Moss V40MNew Forest Runners13.6 
45NT   Graeme Browning-Martin SENMTotton13.4 
46NT   Martin Baker V50MNew Forest Runners8.8 
47NT   Andrew Moody V50MNew Forest Runners9.8 
48NT   Andrew Gates V55MTotton9.6 
49NT   Chris Cook SENMLordshill8.3 
5NT   Tom Cully U20MSouthampton-0.6 
50NT   David Madelin V35MSouthampton9.7 
51NT   Paul Hopkins V35MNetley Abbey13.5 
52NT   Stephen Cluett V45MWinchester8.3 
54NT   Mick Anglim V65MHardley10.2 
55NT   Spencer Meyer V45MEastleigh RC7.4 
56NT   Dean Jones V40MLordshill5.3 
57NT   Adam Ruddy SENMItchen Spitfires9.5 
58NT   Matthew Northover SENMTotton10.2 
59NT   Nick Cross V45MEastleigh RC11.9 
6NT   Andrew Lewis V35MEastleigh RC2.0 
60NT   Julian Hamblin V55MWinchester10.8 
61NT   Peter Watts V60MWinchester11.1 
62NT   Paul Neville V45MWinchester12.2 
63NT   Michael Roe V50MLordshill12.8 
64NT   Dave WilsonV60MHardley  
65NT   Robert Bryan V45MWinchester7.2 
66NT   Timothy Steele V45MHedge End13.2 
67NT   Mike Mattingly V55MLordshill9.9 
68NT   Rob BennettSENMLordshill  
69NT   Geoffrey Willis V40MTotton11.0 
7NT   Andrew White SENMEastleigh RC3.0 
70NT   Mark Lee V50MHardley14.1 
71NT   Tony KendrickV50MTotton  
72NT   Darren Palmer V45MItchen Spitfires8.8 
73NT   Mathew CaptainV40MNetley  
74NT   Andrew Warren SENMTotton12.9 
75NT   Kevin RoyleV50MEastleigh  
76NT   Steve HullV50MNew Forest  
77NT   Christopher Neil Lamb V45MLordshill13.5 
78NT   Nick Coe V40MNetley Abbey17.2 
79NT   Tim Withers V40MLordshill15.7 
8NT   Kevin Willsher V35MLordshill1.9 
80NT   Adrian Mudle V55MHardley18.8 
81NT   Darren John Price V40MNew Forest Runners14.3 
82NT   Carl Drainey V40MTotton14.6 
83NT   David McElhenny V60MHardley15.2 
84NT   Jerome BpordryV40MHedge End  
85NT   Robin Tearle V35MItchen Spitfires18.8 
86NT   Terence Walsh V65MNew Forest Runners  
87NT   Mike Mills V65MTotton16.5 
88NT   Malcolm John White V55MLordshill14.5 
89NT   Paul Warn U23MSouthampton11.4 
9NT   Matt Grote V40MWinchester1.6 
90NT   Paul Miller V45MHedge End21.6 
91NT   Simon Mason V60MTotton23.3 
92NT   Chris Lewis V40MNetley Abbey15.0 
93NT   Dave HowellsV60MWessex  
94NT   Jeremy Barber V60MHardley17.5 
95NT   Paul Hammond V60MEastleigh RC22.6 
96NT   Roger Bradley V70MLordshill27.4 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Valeria Sesto V40WNew Forest Runners/Argentina3.9 
10NT   Sarah Lewis V45WTotton13.3 
11NT   Lynn McDonagh V45WHardley10.9 
12NT   Alice Jones SENWLordshill10.6 
13NT   Emma Carter V40WWinchester11.8 
14NT   Alana Spiers U20WSouthampton12.6 
15NT   Michele Jacobs V35WHedge End13.7 
16NT   Elizabeth Bamber V45WHedge End12.1 
17NT   Marie Droniou-Bordry V40WHedge End8.6 
18NT   Kirsty Shannon V45WHedge End/Hampshire Constabulary10.5 
19NT   Jill Alison White V55WLordshill12.3 
2NT   Sarah Winstone SENWLordshill4.7 
20NT   Frankie Colling V45WEastleigh RC12.9 
21NT   Lucy Fraser SENWLordshill/UWE12.8 
22NT   Clare Satterly V50WLordshill14.1 
23NT   Gabby O'Brien V35WSolent Running Sisters13.6 
24NT   Dawn Rogers V55WNew Forest Runners13.5 
25NT   Katie Parnell SENWLordshill15.7 
26NT   Virginia Collins V60WTotton15.1 
27NT   Louise Snook V45WWinchester14.8 
28NT   Diane Mattingly V50WLordshill12.0 
29NT   Claire Cannon SENWLordshill14.2 
3NT   Hannah Froud U20WNew Forest Runners10.5 
30NT   Caroline Woodford V60WNew Forest Runners15.6 
31NT   Claire Deacon V55WWomens Running Network/Eastleigh RC15.7 
32NT   Catherine Pascoe V50WNew Forest Runners21.8 
33NT   Charlotte CaptainU20WNetley  
34NT   Irene Moreno Millan SENWLordshill15.7 
35NT   Angela Corrie SENWLordshill17.0 
36NT   Sue Wearne V50WNew Forest Runners16.8 
37NT   Carrie Oliver V55WWinchester15.5 
38NT   Donna RodgerV40WSR Sisters  
39NT   Lyn Hatchett V40WTotton15.1 
4NT   Connie Green SENWLordshill9.7 
40NT   Bethan Davis V50WHedge End18.9 
41NT   Ann-Marie Vanderplank V40WTotton19.5 
42NT   Becky RobertsSENWEastleigh  
43NT   Mary Corbett V55WEastleigh RC20.3 
44NT   Noelle Humphrey V35WNetley Abbey21.9 
45NT   Dawn Heppell V40WLordshill18.4 
46NT   Chris Harris V65WHardley22.4 
47NT   Rosemarie Osborn V70WNew Forest Runners22.1 
48NT   Emma BlakeSENWSR Sisters  
49NT   Lucy Ashton V35WItchen Spitfires17.4 
5NT   Claire Powell V40WHedge End10.0 
50NT   Claire Browne V35WNetley Abbey16.7 
51NT   Vicki Brunink V35WNetley Abbey21.5 
52NT   Linda Massey V55WSouthampton36.0 
53NT   Marie L Sharma V50WNew Forest Runners21.7 
54NT   Liz TierSENWTotton  
55NT   Lois ElliotV40WLordshill  
56NT   Michelle GamonSENWTotton  
57NT   Lindsey FroudV50WNew Forest  
58NT   Tina Mills V55WTotton21.1 
59NT   Rene Elizabeth Pilbeam V65WTotton27.4 
6NT   Anna Reavey U20WSouthampton12.0 
60NT   Teresa DodkingV40WTotton  
61NT   Kathy Tilbury V45WNew Forest Runners25.4 
62NT   Jennie Trickett V40WNetley Abbey30.8 
63NT   Clare Buckley-BealeV40WNetley  
64NT   Alex SpinkSENWSR Sisters  
65NT   Cathy AsikiV50WSR Sisters  
66NT   Carole Bailey V50WHardley32.6 
67NT   Rebecca BarberSENWSR Sisters  
68NT   Annie Bruce LowV70WHardley  
7NT   Caroline Carr V40WWinchester12.7 
8NT   Alexandra Coe SENWNetley Abbey11.5 
9NT   Charmaine BradfordSENWHardley