Air Products 10K External Results
23 Mar 08
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
132:12   Daniel Beier SBSENMTipton32:1231:2211.1 
233:08   Damian Nicholls  SENMMacclesfield/Wilmslow32:0131:56-1.2 
333:51   Mitchell Blundell PBU23MBirchfield H33:5133:426.3 
434:13   Stuart Doyle  V35MVale Royal33:4632:15-1.3 
534:16   Brian Cole  V35MCity of Stoke/Royal Navy32:5032:3035.6 
634:36   Mike Robbins SBV45MWrexham/Welsh Masters34:3634:264.4 
735:38   Paul Thomas SBV40MWrekin35:3834:14  
935:59   Kenneth Moss  V55MNorthern Vets35:2934:40  
1036:18   Dewi Roberts  V40MAbergele35:4334:486.3 
1337:26   Emma Phillips SBSENWBirchfield H36:5235:2614.1 
1737:47   Victoria Ison PBSENWSale Harriers Manchester/Police/Trentham37:4737:4721.6 
2138:13   Emma Crowe  SENWWrexham37:1436:404.2 
2738:45   John Parrott SBV50MStockport38:4538:0416.9 
3239:25   Deborah Thomas SBSENWTrentham39:2538:385.0 
3439:32   Sarah Johnson  U17WTrentham/Leicester38:5135:001.9 
3739:48   Andrew Dippie SBV45MTelford H39:4831:458.9 
3839:50   Myshola Kirkham  SENWCoventry37:4337:327.2 
10947:41   Hazel Dirksen SBV60WBuckley RC47:4143:4036.0 
11248:02   Rosemary Rogers  V55WDeestriders RC46:5945:0714.0 
11848:32   Grace Hough  V55WTelford H47:3644:5128.5