Ramsey Bakery Fireman's runs
6 Mar 08
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:55Ryan Fairclough U20MNorthern (Isle of Man)13.0 
29:03Paul Renshaw SENMNorthern (Isle of Man)35.9 
39:24Kevin Vondy V45MNorthern (Isle of Man)/Isle of Man Veteran16.8 
 13:11Tara Slinger SENWNorthern (Isle of Man)  
 13:53June Melvin V35WNorthern (Isle of Man)  
129:55Anthony Bell-Scott SENMManx TC17.8 
230:48James Broughton SENMNorthern (Isle of Man)  
330:55Thomas Melvin V40MNorthern (Isle of Man)25.8 
431:23Barry Cowin V35MNorthern (Isle of Man)30.6 
 32:14Richard Radcliffe V50MNorthern (Isle of Man)25.2 
 32:32Mike Gellion V50MIsle of Man Veteran16.9 
 33:48Nikki Boyde V35WNorthern (Isle of Man)11.0 
 39:14Alison Clegg V35WManx TC