Newtonmore Mile External Results
23 Mar 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:26   John Mill  V50MDundee RR4:584:587.9 
25:47   Geoff Carle PBV40MThe Lynx Pack5:475:4716.9 
36:00   Megan Wright PBV40WHunters Bog Trotters/Thames Hare & Hounds6:006:004.1 
46:09   Louise Provan PBSENWHunters Bog Trotters6:096:0917.3 
56:21   Angus Wright PBU11MHaddington RC/Hunters Bog Trotters6:216:213.2 
66:24   Rachel Haines SBSENWHunters Bog Trotters6:245:1611.3 
76:30   Bert Van Tuijl PBV55MLyn Lynx6:306:3014.9 
86:37   Jules Lutte SENWHunters Bog Trotters    
96:44   Mike Mcconnell PBV40MThe Lynx Pack6:446:4430.4 
106:45   John MacPherson PBV65MAberdeen/Metro Aberdeen6:456:4512.9 
116:46   Hamish Macdonald PBV50MAberdeen6:466:4613.3 
126:46   Carrie Craig SBSENWHunters Bog Trotters6:466:2814.6 
136:52   Kata Tar SBSENWHunters Bog Trotters6:526:3415.2 
146:56   Robbie Anderson PBU13MHaddington RC6:566:568.5 
157:00   Lorraine Dunbar PBV50WDundee RR7:007:0014.0 
167:03   Innes Wright PBU11MHaddington RC7:037:037.9 
177:03   Rhona Anderson PBV50WDunbar RC7:037:036.7 
187:07   Elizabeth Hugill SBSENWHunters Bog Trotters7:076:2622.7 
197:33   Rhona Bennie PBV40WWesterlands7:337:3322.9 
207:46   Zoe Strong SENWHunters Bog Trotters    
217:46   Rachel Heathcote PBSENWHunters Bog Trotters7:467:4619.4 
227:49   Laura Pollitt SENWUnattached    
237:59   Brian Mckenzie Dunbar PBV55MDundee RR7:597:5919.3 
248:11   Alison Johnston PBV45WHunters Bog Trotters8:118:1131.7 
258:16   Brenda Paul PBSENWWesterlands8:168:1623.0 
2610:03   Cerys Wright SENWHunters Bog Trotters