Champagne League External Results
North Cave
8 Apr 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:15   Jonathan Frost SBSENMKingston upon Hull/East Hull21:1520:1914.7 
221:27   Mike Hargreaves PBSENMEast Hull20:3720:37-1.7 
321:43   Matthew Hayes SBV40MEast Hull21:4320:170.4 
421:51   Chris Adams PBSENMCity of Hull21:5121:516.6 
522:06   Nigel Sisson PBV40MEast Hull22:0621:411.6 
622:35   Aubrey Morrell SBV45MBeverley22:3521:142.0 
722:39   Lee Phipps PBSENMBeverley22:3922:390.8 
822:52   Danny Brunton  SENMBridlington22:3822:200.5 
923:16   Jim Rogers SBV45MCity of Hull/East Hull23:1621:043.2 
1023:17   Lewis Holloway SBV40MBeverley23:1721:451.4 
1123:19   Steve Ostler PBV40MBeverley23:1923:064.9 
1223:28   Stephen Coates PBV40MEast Hull23:1123:1114.1 
1323:31   Stephen Rennie SBV55MCity of Hull23:3122:133.3 
1423:41   Phil McCoy PBV35MEast Hull23:4123:4110.3 
1523:44   Mark Dalton SBV50MBeverley23:4421:414.6 
1623:48   Jaysson Sawyer PBV35MCity of Hull23:2722:543.6 
1723:51   Darren Rodmell SBV40MBeverley23:5122:069.7 
1824:03   Adrian Messingham SBV40MBeverley24:0322:175.1 
1924:13   Tony Burgin SBV45MHull Springhead24:1322:323.6 
2024:15   Carla Stansfield SBSENWBeverley24:1522:322.4 
2124:19   Nick Harne PBSENMCity of Hull24:1922:292.6 
2224:22   Gary Slater SBV35MCity of Hull24:2222:3921.4 
2324:23   Richard Mccoid PBU23MCity of Hull24:2324:2313.6 
2424:25   Philip Reese PBSENMBeverley24:2524:257.8 
2524:31   Nick Maynard PBV40MCity of Hull24:3124:065.0 
2624:35   Thomas Honniball PBSENMCity of Hull/Coventry Uni24:3524:356.3 
2724:37   Andrew Hemmings SBSENMCity of Hull24:3723:474.1 
2824:51   Mark Spikings  SENMCity of Hull22:4322:004.9 
2924:57   Simon Ellerker  V40MBridlington24:3324:335.1 
3024:59   Stewart Shallcross PBV55MCity of Hull24:5924:5921.3 
3125:06   James McGivern SBV50MBeverley25:0622:5413.8 
3225:08   Marc Cooper PBV35MCity of Hull25:0825:089.1 
3325:11   Mark Sykes-Cook PBV35MBeverley25:1125:1120.6 
3425:16   Christopher Healy PBV45MCity of Hull25:1624:386.9 
3525:17   Stephen Hunt SBV40MCity of Hull25:1724:2014.5 
3625:20   Ian Hird SBV55MCity of Hull25:2024:446.3 
3725:24   Mike Vinegrad  V40MEast Hull24:2123:559.3 
3825:30   Toby May PBU20MCity of Hull25:3025:3014.0 
3925:31   Brian Ward SBV50MCity of Hull25:3122:175.6 
4025:35   Paul Cartwright V55MCoH    
4125:38   Stephen Maddison PBV40MCity of Hull24:1923:090.7 
4225:41   Sara Rookyard  V40WEast Hull24:4124:386.8 
4325:41   Stephen Taylor PBV35MEast Hull24:3224:2111.0 
4425:48   Paul Nippress  V50MEast Hull23:4923:494.0 
4526:06   Vince Mcgowan  V40MEast Hull24:1223:174.0 
4626:07   Alan Smith SBV40MWhite City (Hull)26:0724:575.3 
4726:08   Alex Fowler PBSENMCity of Hull26:0826:0829.7 
4826:13   Andrew Johnson  V45MBeverley23:5423:006.3 
4926:16   Andrew Watson  V45MEast Hull25:5623:118.3 
5026:19   Paul Frost  V55MEast Hull25:1124:4516.0 
5126:27   Andrew Tate SBV50MBeverley26:2724:5710.2 
5226:31   Stewart Rhodes SBV50MCity of Hull26:3123:0127.6 
5326:35   Tom Morgan SBSENMBeverley26:3524:5212.6 
5426:35   David Bell SBV35MWhite City (Hull)26:3524:598.7 
5526:39   Alan Bayston SBV50MCity of Hull26:3924:0912.6 
5626:39   Maria Fielder PBU23WWhite City (Hull)26:3926:3926.8 
5726:42   Richard Watson SBV45MCity of Hull26:4224:1823.5 
5826:43   Iain McGowan  V40MEast Hull26:2726:2718.0 
5926:44   Steve Parkinson  V50MBeverley/Barracuda TC26:4225:3510.3 
6026:44   Paul Body SBV40MCity of Hull26:4423:358.2 
6126:45   Michael Petersen  V35MCity of Hull25:0624:428.0 
6226:51   Amanda Dean SBV55WWest Hull26:5125:3512.4 
6327:07   Stuart Spooner SBV50MBridlington27:0721:2410.3 
6427:10   Dale Marriott V50MCoH    
6527:13   Rob Alexander  V35MCity of Hull26:1325:035.6 
6627:18   Jim Harbidge SBV40MBeverley27:1825:5317.6 
6727:24   Becky Fielding-smith SBV40WCity of Hull27:2425:2125.8 
6827:28   Paul Andrews  V45MEast Hull26:3825:1714.1 
6927:32   James Abel  V55MCity of Hull26:3223:319.8 
7027:38   Richard Rex PBV40MCity of Hull27:1927:199.6 
7127:53   Yannick Peron SBV40MCity of Hull27:5324:0719.3 
7227:55   William Henderson PBU20MCity of Hull27:5527:5529.4 
7327:57   Hannah Harne SBSENWCity of Hull27:5726:4610.0 
7427:59   Charlotte Parker SBU23WCity of Hull27:5926:5813.0 
7528:02   Emily Young PBU20WCity of Hull28:0228:0225.9 
7628:05   Andrew Blake  V45MEast Hull27:3727:3414.1 
7728:08   Andy Guymer SBV35MCity of Hull28:0824:294.3 
7828:17   Neil Gordon  V45MEast Hull27:2025:519.6 
7928:19   Ian Tasker SBV40MWhite City (Hull)28:1927:2813.8 
8028:23   Graham Wilkinson  V55MEast Hull27:4024:209.2 
8128:28   Peter Watkinson SBV60MBeverley28:2825:3713.8 
8228:36   Carole Fee  V40WEast Hull28:3527:599.1 
8328:42   Ian McCoid SBV50MCity of Hull28:4225:307.2 
8428:44   Emma Greensmith SBV40WBeverley28:4427:1611.6 
8528:48   Graham Naylor SBV60MWhite City (Hull)28:4828:0910.3 
8628:53   Stephen Williets SBV45MBeverley28:5325:3319.7 
8728:57   Juliet May PBU20WCity of Hull28:5728:5711.4 
8829:04   Andy Collinson V50MBAC    
8929:06   Richard Harrison  V40MCity of Hull28:4626:087.0 
9029:07   Neil May SBV50MBarracuda TC/City of Hull29:0726:4510.4 
9129:15   Fiona Robinson SBV45WCity of Hull29:1526:5615.5 
9229:33   Frank Bell PBV65MCity of Hull29:3329:3313.1 
9329:42   Jordan Barr PBSENMCity of Hull29:4229:4233.3 
9429:43   Stuart Black SBV50MCity of Hull29:4327:5122.9 
9529:49   Lucy Stamford  V35WBeverley29:0427:3311.4 
9629:50   Keith Conkerton  V50MEast Hull28:2328:1210.3 
9729:53   David Rivers PBV45MCity of Hull29:4229:0112.5 
9829:55   Martin Young  V50MWhite City (Hull)28:3228:0011.4 
9930:09   Stephen Coveney SBV60MCity of Hull30:0924:4214.2 
10030:17   Edward Lisney SBSENMBeverley30:1724:386.8 
10130:24   Lucy Khan SBV45WCity of Hull30:2428:4016.3 
10230:32   David Johnson PBV50MCity of Hull30:3230:3217.7 
10330:36   Alex Broadbent SBV35MWhite City (Hull)30:3630:1024.6 
10430:41   David Anthony Mather SBV55MCity of Hull30:4126:4033.1 
10530:45   Phil Dewberry V60MCoH    
10630:47   Lynda Hields SBV35WWest Hull/City of Hull30:4728:0231.9 
10730:53   Daniel Hammond SBV35MBeverley30:5326:2914.3 
10830:54   Deborah Watson SBV50WWest Hull30:5428:5123.1 
10930:56   Laura Hogg PBSENWWest Hull30:5630:5633.6 
11030:59   Derek Ricketts SBV60MCity of Hull30:5927:3318.5 
11131:02   Jayne Dale SBV50WBeverley31:0230:3314.0 
11231:04   Rebecca Lawtey SBSENWCity of Hull31:0430:1917.4 
11331:18   Steve Arnold SBV60MBridlington31:1829:4327.1 
11431:26   Mariana Barbera PBV40WBeverley31:2631:2624.7 
11531:34   David Anderson  V50MEast Hull29:4026:1318.2 
11631:35   Natalie Angelopoulos SBSENWWhite City (Hull)31:3529:3726.1 
11731:37   Mark Oglesby SBV45MBeverley31:3731:0918.5 
11831:42   Adam Thompson PBV45MHull Springhead31:4231:4216.2 
11932:01   Phillip Robinson PBV55MWhite City (Hull)32:0132:0118.3 
12032:06   Kenneth Barnes SBV70MEast Hull32:0629:4527.1 
12132:07   Alison Burnett SBV35WEast Hull32:0728:5813.7 
12232:08   Ian Fergusson SBV40MCity of Hull32:0827:3114.5 
12332:09   Shane Freeth PBV35MHull Springhead32:0932:0922.3 
12432:10   Kristina Rose  SENWEast Hull31:0029:4120.5 
12532:15   Chris Tute SBV50MCity of Hull32:1531:0134.9 
12632:22   Tina Wardropper  V50WBeverley31:1128:5627.6 
12732:26   Neil Plummer V50MBAC    
12832:40   Debbie Smith SBV40WWhite City (Hull)32:4031:1114.2 
12932:43   Stephen Brotherton SBV40MBeverley32:4329:4218.4 
13032:52   Penny Darmody SBV50WEast Hull32:5230:3719.7 
13132:56   Paul Kenneth Evans SBV50MBeverley32:5626:4821.1 
13233:06   Andrew Grainger SBV50MBeverley33:0630:4315.4 
13333:13   Linda Dodsworth SBV55WWest Hull33:1332:2718.4 
13433:15   Tony Beck SBV45MBeverley33:1531:0333.9 
13533:21   Rachael Laughton SBV40WWest Hull33:2131:5621.1 
13633:21   Lynne Parkin PBV40WWest Hull33:2133:2116.5 
13733:24   Tony Payne SBV65MEast Hull33:2428:2717.2 
13833:34   Sam Mould SBV35MCity of Hull33:3431:3926.9 
13933:39   Allison Stabler PBV45WBeverley33:3933:3925.5 
14033:54   Bill Grieve SBV55MBeverley33:5427:2132.1 
14134:00   Steven M Dawson SBV50MWhite City (Hull)34:0030:4930.9 
14234:04   Kevin McManus  V60MCity of Hull33:2030:2720.6 
14334:06   Mike O'Brien  V55MCity of Hull32:1430:5316.1 
14434:11   Fiona Holland SBV40WBeverley34:1130:2814.9 
14534:27   Eileen P Henderson SBV55WCity of Hull34:2732:1619.7 
14634:35   Stuart Buchan SBV50MCity of Hull34:3522:4210.5 
14734:45   Geoffrey Probert  V60MWhite City (Hull)33:0330:2717.8 
14835:10   Andrew Meese SBV40MBeverley35:1031:0417.6 
14935:14   Verity Pick SBV35WWest Hull35:1430:1326.9 
15035:21   Jeffrey Copping  V65MCity of Hull33:3533:1122.2 
15135:22   Tony Harrington SBV35MBeverley35:2235:1231.8 
15235:47   Simon Gower PBV50MHaltemprice/Beverley35:4735:4736.0 
15335:52   Christine Parkinson SBV45WCity of Hull35:5230:4035.9 
15436:13   Brian Richardson SBV65MBeverley36:1330:2735.6 
15536:27   Peter Kirk SBV70MCity of Hull36:2733:4723.4 
15637:32   John Pawson  V65MCity of Hull36:0133:0922.8 
15737:40   Pam Atkins SBV65WBeverley37:4032:4723.5 
15837:45   Julie Thomson SBV50WCity of Hull37:4534:4726.9 
15937:51   Frank Harrison SBV70MCity of Hull37:5134:4025.3 
16038:16   Christine Whitehouse PBV55WBeverley38:1636:4022.6 
16138:24   Maria Diaz SBV50WWest Hull38:2436:3524.6 
16238:32   Sue Reast SBV45WCity of Hull38:3233:4120.2 
16339:08   Catriona Williamson SBV55WBeverley39:0838:3124.6 
16439:18   John Boardley SBV70MBeverley39:1834:2727.7 
16539:19   Penelope Booth SBV55WBeverley39:1936:3624.8 
16641:04   Sarah Tock SBV40WBeverley41:0438:4726.5 
16741:22   Peter McNally SBV70MBeverley41:2235:3335.8 
16841:41   Amelie Peron SENWCoH    
16942:20   Brian Garbutt V50MWCTY    
17042:55   Mary Carrick SBV65WEast Hull/Beverley42:5539:3631.7 
17143:19   Katie May SBV50WCity of Hull43:1935:2126.8 
17243:45   Suzanne Clarkson PBV55WWest Hull42:4242:4229.7 
17343:52   Richard Tomlinson SBV65MBeverley43:5237:2331.7